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Do you want to lose weight? Naturally Rooted can help you achieve your desired weight loss goals through our variety of cryotherapy services. Not only is cryotherapy a safe and effective way to promote weight loss, but it also has numerous other benefits. With regular sessions of cryotherapy, you can slim down quickly and feel great doing it!

If you’re interested in learning more about our weight loss methods and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to explain the process in further detail and answer any questions that you may have.

At Naturally Rooted, we provide several services to help you lose weight, including Whole Body Cryotherapy, Cryoskin body and facials, HIEMT body shape, and CryoLyft Pro.

What is cryotherapy and how does it promote weight loss? 

Many people assume that in order to lose weight, they must adhere to a fad diet or partake in excessive exercise. However, one of the most reliable methods of shedding pounds is through cryotherapy. Cryotherapy aids weight loss by exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures via ice baths, cold showers, or specialized chambers.

Cryotherapy activates a slew of physiological responses by exposing the body to chilly temperatures. In order to produce heat, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, resulting in greater calorie expenditure. In addition, cryotherapy promotes weight loss by reducing inflammation and pain, both of which can contribute to weight gain. As a result, cryotherapy is an extremely efficient method of reducing weight.

The benefits of cryotherapy for weight loss

Cryotherapy is used to treat pain, inflammation, and muscular spasms. It has recently been gaining popularity as a weight-loss strategy. Cryotherapy may help you lose weight in a variety of ways.

  • First, the body burns more calories to keep itself warm during the cold. Over time, this greater calorie expenditure can help you lose weight.
  • Cryotherapy help reduce the size of fat cells. Fat cells are more frostbitten than other types of cells, and being exposed to low levels of cold causes them to shrivel. Consequently, this methods leads to a reduction in body fat percentage all throughout your figure.
  • Cryotherapy may help boost metabolism and curb cravings. Cryotherapy’s high-intensity cold temperatures excite the nervous system, which causes the body to release adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones cause the heart rate and blood flow to increase, which helps to speed up metabolism.
  • Cryotherapy helps people to feel fuller for longer, which can help in avoiding eating unhealthier meals.

Cryotherapy is a safe and successful weight-loss strategy that can provide long-term benefits.


How to choose the right cryotherapy treatment for losing weight fast 

There are a lot of things to think about while selecting the best cryotherapy treatment for you.

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy is the most popular form of cryotherapy, and it’s frequently utilized to treat pain, inflammation, and recovery from injury. It may also be used to reduce weight and improve skin texture and tone.
  • Cryoskin Body uses subzero temperatures to destroy fat cells and tighten skin. This type of cryotherapy is often used for aesthetic purposes such as reducing wrinkles or improving skin tone.
  • HIEMT body shaping uses low temperatures strategically to kill fat cells in problem areas. This type of treatment is often perfect for those who are trying to lose weight or improve their overall appearance.
  • The CryoLift Pro is a brand-new treatment that uses focused ultrasound energy to eliminate fat without damaging surrounding nerves, muscle, or collagen.

We offer cryotherapy treatments that can help you lose weight quickly and effectively! Contact us today at 817-225-2929 to learn more about our weight loss services.

FAQs about Weight Loss via Cryotherapy in Arlington, TX

Q: Is Whole Body Cryotherapy safe?

Yes! Whole Body Cryotherapy is a FDA-approved, non-invasive medical therapy that has been used for decades in Europe and Asia.

Q: How does Whole Body Cryotherapy work?

A: The treatment involves using frigid air (between -200°C and -300°C) to lower the surface temperature of your skin. By doing so, it instigates a series of bodily reactions, such as endorphin release and increased blood circulation.

Q: What are the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy?

A: Some of the potential advantages include reduced inflammation, enhanced joint function, decreased muscular soreness, better skin tone and texture, and greater weight loss.

Q: How long does a Whole Body Cryotherapy session last?

A: A typical session lasts between 2 and 3 minutes. You may select the number of sessions you want to receive, although most people begin with 3-5 sessions per week.

Q: Is there any downtime after a Whole Body Cryotherapy session?

A: No, you don’t have to wait to get back to your normal routine after the session.


Reliable weight loss services near Arlington, TX

The city of Arlington, Texas, is located in the state of Texas. The city has a population of around 395,000 people and is the seventh-largest city in Texas, according to Wikipedia. AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys), Globe Life Park (home of the Texas Rangers), and Six Flags Over Texas are among the major attractions in Arlington. The University of Texas at Arlington is also located there. Naturally Rooted gladly offers relaxing weight loss management services to people in Arlington. Contact us at (817) 225-2929 to learn more and get started! 

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