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what is the 

superhuman protocol?

You can restore order to your body with exposure to these natural elements, in the right sequence.

The Superhuman Protocol exposes your body to three natural elements found on Earth: magnetism, oxygen, and light, in this particular order. It is a 35-minute procedure that employs three technologies. You spend 70% of your time lying down and resting.

Magnetism charges the cells, allowing for better oxygen absorption. More Oxygen in the blood plasma and cellular surface promotes light optimization. Together, optimal Light and Oxygen uptake reverse oxidative stress and encourages ATP production.


We cannot exist without magnetism, oxygen, and light. We are “Superhuman” with them, and the benefits are compelling whether you are 80, in a wheelchair, or a Gold Medal Olympian. Life was generated by magnetism, oxygen, and light. However, Earth’s magnetic field has reduced 80% in the past 4 millennia, and humans have further disengaged from it by wearing shoes. The Earth’s oxygen levels are decreasing and becoming increasingly contaminated by hydrocarbons emitted by industry. By wearing garments and living in structures, we have obstructed the crucial light. We’re like fish out of water. Without even recognizing it, our bodies are famished for the exact energies that created us. This has caused a degenerative breakdown of the 11 organ systems, resulting in several undesirable health consequences.

You may restore order by exposing the body to these natural elements in the proper order.


Magnetic fields assist in alkalinizing the body and promoting proper blood flow.

SESSION 1: 8 minutes

PEMF is used in the first session. You lie down on a body mat and are immersed in a PEMF waveform that simulates the Earth’s magnetic field. During this “charge,” the voltage of your blood cells rises, prompting them to separate and carry more oxygen and nutrients to the 11 organ systems. Normal pH has been restored. Vasomotion, or the rhythmic contraction of micro vessels to carry oxygenated blood to peripheral tissues (which the heart cannot reach), has been restored to normal function and frequency.


Oxygen improves immunity, vitality, and metabolism.

SESSION 2: 5 to 15 minutes

Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) is the second session. You run interval sprints for up to 15 minutes while breathing 93+% oxygen. Many diseases cannot flourish in highly oxygenated bodies, and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production is optimized, allowing for speedier recovery, healing, and endurance.


Light lowers oxidative stress at the cellular level and reduces pain.

SESSION 3: 10 minutes

The third session is PBM (photo biomodulation), which involves the use of red and near-infrared light. This is a soothing, non-thermal (cold) light session with many wavelengths (typically Red 635nm and various NIR, e.g., 850nm, 940nm). Photons (light) are absorbed by the cell, which eliminates aging and harmful free radicals to restore cellular energy production. When this is accomplished, inflammation is minimized, and wounds, tendons, muscles, tissues, and nerves recover more quickly.


Each technology has a significant impact on the next. Charging, for example, splits the cells, allowing for more oxygen uptake. This is the most recent chance for oxygen training. After PEMF, EWOT can be 30% more effective. Because of the increased oxygen in the blood plasma, light is optimized, and cellular surface space has expanded (cells now resist rather than clump), allowing a window of opportunity for optimal light absorption and oxygen intake to reverse oxidative stress and maximize ATP synthesis.




  • Promotes blood alkalinization
  • Improves post-workout recovery
  • Enhances vasomotion
  • Encourages total blood flow
  • Lessens discomfort


  • Relaxes the pre-capillary muscles
  • Promotes optimum immunity
  • Improves healing time
  • Boosts ATP synthesis and energy
  • Increases endurance
  • Better alternative to hyperbaric chambers


  • Lowers oxidative stress
  • Increases the use of nitric oxide
  • Relieves pain
  • Enhances ATP production
  • Ensures optimal metabolism
  • Reduces post-workout recovery time

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Client Testimonials

I detached my bicep and as a drummer, I thought I would be off the kit for a month or more. With Naturally Rooted and Cryotherapy. it took only 7 days! I feel like a new person.

Tommy C.

I had typical soreness and fatigue, caused by weightlifting, running, and playing golf on a regular basis. It made it hard to get motivated to push myself as needed to achieve the results I was looking for. I discovered Naturally Rooted and all the services they offer besides selling CBD products, and now I have far less of the chronic discomfort. It is very satisfying to not have to worry about nagging aches and pains. For me, Naturally Rooted has been an outstanding partner in achieving the goals I set for myself as I get older.

Michael M.

I was looking for Cryoskin treatment for stubborn fat around my waist that been so hard to lose. With Naturally Rooted I lost over 2.5 inches on my waist! Also the cryotherapy helped me feel refreshed and took my lower leg pain away. I continue to use the cryotherapy for recovery from sore muscles. I feel great now and looking forward to setting new fitness goals.

Thai N.

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