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what is


Dynamic Air Compression

– Arms
– Legs
– Hips & Lower Back

Dynamic air compression effectively mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms, enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs after an intense workout. Created by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD), the Normatec line combines dynamic air compression with a patented Pulse massage pattern that employs three key techniques—pulsing, distal release, and gradients. Studies show it can help relieve muscle aches and/or pain and temporarily increase circulation resulting in increased flexibility and range of motion, injury prevention, and accelerated recovery time.

Who would benefit from compression therapy?

First, any athlete who uses their legs such as Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, Triathletes, Weightlifters, CrossFitters, Mudders, Walkers, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, LAX players and much more.
Second, anyone who works on their feet all day. Gravity causes poor circulation in your legs when you are standing all day such as Nurses, Doctors, Chiropractors, Construction Workers, Wedding Photographers/Videographers and much more.

Third, anyone who battles poor circulation would benefit such as Diabetes, Varicose, Peripheral Artery Disease and just about any circulation disease with the exception of Deep Vein Thrombosis (contraindicated).

Finally, anyone who enjoys a relaxing massage!  The NormaTec compression therapy feels like a gentle myofascial massage–which I recognize is a contradiction in terms!  Just envision sitting back and relaxing with a post-workout beverage for anywhere from 10-60 minutes, having your legs massaged, flushed of lactic acid and reinvigorated for your day!  I guess you just need to try it to believe it.  Bring a friend to Naturally Rooted and come get your “squeeze” on!


what can consistent normatec do for u?


Enhance blood flow & speed recovery - Normatec’s patented Pulse massage pattern employs three key techniques – pulsing, distal release, and gradients.


High-tech warmup and a dynamic way to recover faster - control from your phone.


Flush out soreness and bring oxygenated blood to the part of the body furthest from the heart.


Lactic acid and lymphatic flushing, thus removing toxins


Helps prevent and eliminate first-stage varicose veins

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I detached my bicep and as a drummer, I thought I would be off the kit for a month or more. With Naturally Rooted and Cryotherapy. it took only 7 days! I feel like a new person.

Tommy C.

I had typical soreness and fatigue, caused by weightlifting, running, and playing golf on a regular basis. It made it hard to get motivated to push myself as needed to achieve the results I was looking for. I discovered Naturally Rooted and all the services they offer besides selling CBD products, and now I have far less of the chronic discomfort. It is very satisfying to not have to worry about nagging aches and pains. For me, Naturally Rooted has been an outstanding partner in achieving the goals I set for myself as I get older.

Michael M.

I was looking for Cryoskin treatment for stubborn fat around my waist that been so hard to lose. With Naturally Rooted I lost over 2.5 inches on my waist! Also the cryotherapy helped me feel refreshed and took my lower leg pain away. I continue to use the cryotherapy for recovery from sore muscles. I feel great now and looking forward to setting new fitness goals.

Thai N.

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